Rob Andrews “Out Of Control Spending”

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Glading Blasts Andrews for Anti-Family Voting Record

First District Candidate Dale Glading (R-Barrington) today criticized  Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) for having one of the most anti-family voting records in the entire U.S. House of Representatives. Andrews recently received a zero rating from the Family Research Council based on his votes on 16 different issues critical to seniors, parents and children. The American Family Association also announced their congressional rankings this week, awarding Andrews a 5% rating. By comparison, Rep. Chris Smith (CD-4) and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (CD-2) received ratings of 94% and 83%, respectively. Even Rep. John Adler managed to outpace Andrews by earning a score of 16% from the AFA. 

“For the past 10 months, I have been telling families across South Jersey that Rob Andrews is not their friend,” Glading said. “Now, the two largest pro-family groups in America have validated my words and issued a similar warning.”

“Since he first came to Congress way back in 1990, Rob Andrews has consistently voted against seniors, parents, and school children,” continued Glading. “Instead, Mr. Andrews votes 99% of the time in lockstep with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco.”

“I think it’s high time that Congressman Andrews re-evaluated who he works for – Nancy Pelosi or the good people of South Jersey,” Glading concluded. ”In the meantime, I call on Rob Andrews to apologize to South Jersey families for not putting them first before his out-of-control political ego.”

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Dale Glading / Rob Andrews Congressional Debate 10/25/10

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Vote for Dale Glading in New Jersey’s 1st District

  • October 27th, 2010 8:38 pm ET

The Camden County Conservative Examiner officially endorses Dale Glading for New Jersey’s 1st congressional district.

That Glading’s conservative political positions resonate with this columnist should be no surprise, but this endorsement is based on more than just his common sense conservative political platform.  This endorsement is also based on the character of the man running to unseat 20 year incumbent Rob Andrews.  Character that far exceeds not only that of his opponent, but indeed of most of the political world.
First, on the issues, Glading brings a pragmatic and common sense approach to conservative Constitutional governance.  His ideas about limiting the size and scope of government with regard to taxation, regulation and entitlement programs are absolutely the right course of action for our nation’s ailing economy and weakened standing in 2010.  The out of control spending of both the Republicans and Democrats needs to end and Glading is prepared to do just that. 

His positions should appeal to a wide portion of the electorate hungry for common sense in their governing officials.  Proposals like limiting bills to 100 pages to ensure (gasp!) that elected officials actually read them before passing them and enacting the “Enumerated Powers Act” to anchor legislation to provisions within the Constitution are bold fair-minded efforts to return to sound governing policy. 

Glading is not a man that is deeply partisan and unable to work with the other side, but he is a man with deeply held convictions. Voters can take confidence in knowing that what Glading says he will do will in fact remain his agenda and political positions when he gets to Washington.  The American people want elected officials who speak truthfully to them and do what they say they will do.  While they also want someone who will work with the other side, they certainly don’t want someone who will sell his soul to retain power or media favor.  Been there.  Done that.  For 20 years.  And Dale Glading represents the best chance the voters in the 1st district have had in decades to end that kind of rank political opportunism. 

Glading’s position on lowering individual and corporate tax rates, his support for a total repeal of Obamacare, and his firm opposition to President Obama’s cap and trade proposal are firmly on the side of a vast majority of voters.  Additionally, his experience in running an organization with a frugal budget gives him a wealth of common sense wisdom with regard to the free market and economic policy that is completely lost on the career lawyers-turned-politicians that are running Washington and driving the nation economically off a cliff. 

The voters of 2010 are looking queasily upon the binder of 2008 and realizing the folly of Obama’s radical socialist agenda.  The vast influence and scope of the tea party movement testify to the depth and passion of the American people on finally reigning in Washington’s Obama-Pelosi-Reid led drunken sailor brigade.  And should he defy the odds and defeat Rob Andrews on Tuesday, it is that passion that will help Glading prevail. 

While poll after poll confirms that Glading represents the will of the people on these issues, it also underscores the disconnect between Rob Andrews and his constituents even in the heavily Democratic 1st district. 

Andrews is the classic example of why Dale Glading supports term limits, salary cuts, and reverse pensions to encourage folks to leave Washington before too long.  He began his career two decades ago claiming to be a moderate and independent voice for  his district and now finds himself voting with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time and being ranked by several government spending watchdog groups as among the most hostile of lawmakers to the interests of the taxpayers on fiscal restraint and tax policy. 

Beyond policy Rob Andrews has disgraced himself in the eyes of the public.  His blatant dishonesty in the 2008 election and the bait and switch involving his wife raise serious questions with regard to his honesty and integrity.  Recent revelations of possible campaign finance malfeasance by Andrews only further underscores his credibility problem.  His two-faced approach to Obamacare, where he gave one message to the packed Rowan University town hall meeting in 2009 and gave quite another to the leftist Air America radio network about the true intentions of the bill, also raises serious questions as to whether or not Andrews is ethically fit for office. 

By contrast, Dale Glading has spent his career working through his prison ministry to help bring a sense of purpose and redemption to lives thrown away by crime and given up on by most in society.  His personal humility and servant’s heart in his approach to public service are impeccable and represent exactly the kind of “citizen legislator” that the founders had in mind.  Glading’s honesty, integrity and humility are among the finest display of such attributes that one can find in today’s political environment, and indeed in society in general. 

In short, to coin a current popular political phrase, Dale Glading “is you.”  That is the best that America has to offer.  He is deserving of honor for his valiant efforts in this uphill political battle that polling suggests is already lost.  He is deserving of our trust in deciding the important matters of our day.  He will make an excellent public servant in Washington at a time of financial, ethical, and moral crisis in our nation’s history.
If the voters in New Jersey’s 1st district are serious about tackling the issues of the day and putting government back on the side of the people, they will do well to make use of social networking, phones, and good old-fashioned door-to-door campaigning to convince everyone they know to support Dale Glading in his monumental task to unseat Rob Andrews. 

If the voters in New Jersey’s 1st district want real change in Washington, they should elect Dale Glading to Congress.


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Glading Calls Andrews Out for Disrespecting the Voters One More Time

Accuses Him of Ducking Constituent’s Questions at Two Debates

10/28/10 Barrington, NJ – Challenger Dale Glading (R-Barrington) today accused Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) of lobbying to change debate rules and ducking questions from his constituents at two candidate forums this week.

“Enough is enough,” Glading said.  “Rob Andrews has disrespected his constituents for the last time as far as I’m concerned. On Monday night, he sent his campaign manager to whine and complain about the previously agreed-to ground rules just minutes before the debate was to begin.  Then, on Wednesday evening, pressure was applied to the faculty and students at Rutgers-Camden to change the debate format yet again.  This time, the two-hour forum was reduced to 80 minutes to accommodate Congressman Andrews, meaning that people who arrived early or on time had to stand around for more than an hour.”

“As a result of Mr. Andrews’ selfishness and chicanery, dozens of voters with questions were turned away on Monday night,” Glading reported.  “And on Wednesday evening, they were completely denied the opportunity to ask questions as had been advertised by the university.  I guess it’s just coincidental that the debate moderator, Ma’isha Aziz, is a law professor who works with Camille Andrews at Rutgers University School of Law.”

“What are you afraid of, Rob, and why won’t you face the voters?” asked Glading.  “Have your 20 years in Washington made you so arrogant and out-of-touch that you could care less about what your constituents have to say?”

“Fortunately, voters will have the last word on November 2nd,” Glading concluded. “And when I retire Rob Andrews next Tuesday, the long-suffering people of South Jersey will finally have a congressman who is one of them and who wants to hear their voices.”

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Courier-Post Endorses Dale Glading

In the 1st District, change makes sense

In 2008, Republican Dale Glading lost to Democratic U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews by more than 125,000 votes. It was a typical result in a district that is heavy with Democratic towns and where in 2006 the Republicans didn’t even bother running a candidate.

This year, with history as a guide, few people are expecting much of a contest in this race; Andrews is seen as a shoo-in to win.

He may well be. The 20-year congressman from Haddon Heights represents a district of mostly Democrats. And he has a reputation among many who live in the district of doing an excellent job helping constituents who call or come into his offices seeking aid.

Nonetheless, after two decades, a majority on our Editorial Board are of the opinion that change could be a good thing in the 1st District.

We’re endorsing Glading because fiscally, he convinced us that he’d be the most dedicated to reining in federal spending and preserving tax cuts put in place under former President George W. Bush that are set to expire next year.

Glading, a Barrington resident who runs a prison ministry, is certainly more conservative than a great number of those who live in the 1st District. But on the major issues of the day, particularly those that relate to the economy, government spending and taxes, he has the right ideas.

On health care, Glading would push for some of the reforms that were left out of the bill passed earlier this year — reforms that would help reduce or stop the constantly rising premiums for the private health insurance plans most Americans have. These measures Glading backs include interstate portability on insurance plans, tort reforms and allowing consumers to shop out of state for health insurance.

Andrews knows the issues in and out. One would be hard pressed to find him lacking in detailed knowledge about any major piece of legislation he voted for or against, and his thoroughness is to be commended. There are plenty in Washington who vote on bills they know very little about. That’s definitely not Andrews.

But our board still takes issue with Andrews having pulled one over on voters two years ago by putting his wife on the ballot while he challenged Frank Lautenberg for Lautenberg’s U.S. Senate seat. And we think that, after 20 years in the House, Andrews could have a greater record of accomplishment, of having led the way on signature pieces of legislation he crafted.

The independent and third-party candidates in this race — Margaret Chapman, Mark Heacock and Nicky Petrutz — aren’t all that electable.

Glading is electable and could, we believe, be a refreshingly honest voice and, like Andrews, a champion for South Jersey in Washington.

If voters in the 1st District keep Andrews and reject Glading again, as they did in 2008, we’ll certainly understand why. Nonetheless, we’re offering our endorsement in this race to Glading.

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Rowan Professor of Finance Drops Support for Andrews

Andrews lost former backer’s vote

To the Editor:

For years I was a supporter and contributor to the campaigns of U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, D-1st Dist. The reason I stopped supporting and voting for him is because he provided me with blatantly incorrect  information about Social Security.

I wrote him about the idea of privatizing Social Security. He responded to me in writing in April  2005. His response included the following statement: “I do not support such a proposal because I am concerned that it will not afford workers the appropriate retirement security that is guaranteed by the current Social Security system.”

As a part of my research, I discovered that Social Security has never been guaranteed. Section 1104 of the 1935 Act establishing Social Security specifically states: “The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this Act is hereby reserved to the Congress.”

Some thought that this reservation was unconstitutional. The issue was settled by a 1960 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Flemming v. Nestor. Representing the majority, Justice John Hanlan wrote that Social Security “was designed to function into the indefinite future, and its specific provisions rest on predictions as to expected economic conditions, which must inevitably prove less than wholly accurate, and on judgments and preferences as to the proper allocation of the nation’s resources which evolving economic and social conditions will of necessity in some cases modify.”

I am deeply disappointed in Andrews’ failure to understand the basics of Social Security. I now wonder if he even read the “Obamacare” legislation before voting for it, and if he understands the undesirable impact it has had on unemployment. The costs resulting from Obamacare have deterred many businesses from hiring, thereby exacerbating high unemployment.

I no longer support Rep. Andrews.

Robert E. Pritchard
Professor of Finance
Rohrer College of Business
Rowan University

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Seniors Suffer While Rob Andrews Gets $4,700 Raise

Members of Congress Receive Pay Increase; Senior Citizens Get Nothing.
In 2011, as in 2010, South Jersey senior citizens on fixed incomes will  not get a cost of living adjustment to their Social Security checks. At the same time, members of Congress – including Rob Andrews – received a $4,700 raise in 2010. If they don’t vote to stop it, they will receive another automatic raise in 2011.

“It is shameful that Rob Andrews received a pay raise at a time when our senior citizens struggle to put food on the table and pay the rent.” said Dale Glading, Republican candidate for Congress.

In a statement today, (10/15/10) AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond said: “Many Americans who rely on Social Security as their primary source of income continue to face financial hardship today.  Over the past two years, older Americans have paid more for utilities and food, experienced a decline in housing values, tried to recover from deep retirement account losses, struggled with rising health and prescription drug costs, and faced longer periods of unemployment for those who need to work. “

The COLA freeze comes as a commission appointed by President Obama is preparing to recommend deficit closing measures which are likely to include Social Security cuts, at least for future beneficiaries.  The AARP statement hinted it is even more concerned about those proposals than about the $250 checks. “Even more troubling than the lack of an increase are discussions to target Social Security for cuts to reduce the deficit,’’ LeaMond said.  “On behalf of our members and the millions of Americans who depend on Social Security, we have a message to all elected leaders and congressional candidates:  Older Americans need relief, not cuts to Social Security to reduce a deficit it didn’t cause.

Claire Edelman of Monroe Township, N.J.,
said she was so hard up that at the age of 83 she applied for a temporary job as a census taker for the 2010 Census. She didn’t get the job, so she gets by on a small pension from her job with the state and a monthly Social Security payment of $1,060.
“I can’t understand why the Congress hasn’t
seen that there’s been an increase in everything,” Edelman said. “They say that
nothing went up last year?” she added. “What’s the matter with them?”

What’s the matter with them indeed?

On November 2nd, vote Dale Glading for Congress!
Paid for by Glading for Congress

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Glading to Hold Joint Press Conference to Outline Andrews’ Unethical Behavior

Glading to Hold Joint Press Conference to Outline Andrews’ Unethical Behavior
Independence Hall Tea Party PAC also Outraged by Andrews’ FEC Violations

Dale Glading, Republican Candidate for Congress in the First District, will be joined by members of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC at a joint press conference on Wednesday, October 20, at 10:00 AM. The press conference will be held outside of Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) congressional office at 515 Grove Street in Haddon Heights.

Last week, the Courier-Post detailed some of Rep. Andrews’ alleged Federal Election Commission violations as well as his luxurious lifestyle subsidized by campaign contributions. Glading charged Andrews with using campaign funds to pay for a family vacation in Ocean City, to take his wife out for private dinners at exclusive restaurants, and to secure an immediate family member a role at the Walnut Street Theater where Camille Andrews also serves on the Board of Trustees.

Glading went on to detail a list of exorbitant spending sprees conducted by Rep. Andrews that include $23,000 in limousine rides, and room stays at 4 and 5-star hotels including the posh Beverly Hills Plaza.

Glading will be available for comment immediately following the press conference for more in-depth interviews.

In the case of inclement weather, the conference will be held at the Glading for Congress campaign headquarters, located at 137 E. Atlantic Avenue in Haddon Heights.

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Set Debate in 1st

Set Debate in 1st

Sunday, October 17, 2010 – The Gloucester County Times

As of this writing, there’s word that the candidates for Congress from New Jersey’s First Congressional District might finally agree to debate. So far, with only 16 days left until the election, no debates have been scheduled between the incumbent Democrat, Rep. Rob Andrews, and his principal challenger, Republican Dale Glading. Several independent and minority-party candidates are also running.

The public deserves the opportunity to hear the candidates debate the issues in a public forum on neutral ground. Considering Andrews’ demand for four debates in his primary run against U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg two years ago, it’s time to schedule at least one debate.

The Gloucester County Times

Online edition of Gloucester’s daily newspaper

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